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MBSI's Healthcare Providers, Wellness Care Providers, Training Class Instructors, and Research Scientists are outstanding mind-body scientists and health practitioners, healthcare providers, psychology / mental health practitioners or teacher / instructor of related training program. Our practice, training and research covers but not are not limited to the following areas:

Mind-Body medicine and science
Holistic medicine
Naturopathic medicine
Oriental medicine
Psychological therapy or other mental health therapies
Health consultation or counseling
Family and marriage therapy
Child development
Nutrition therapy and holistic nutrition health
Sound and music healing therapy
Preventive medicine
Longevity medicine
Herbal medicine
Physical therapy or physiotherapy
Biofeedback and neurofeedback
Music healing therapy and Arts therapy
17). Spiritual cultivation, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga
18). Conventional medicine

MBSI's Healthcare providers, training instructors, and scientists hold a doctorate degree from a quality university or institution, are licensed or certified in their field of practice, and have more than 3 years of successful experience in clinical practice, education, teaching and / or research. A researcher or practitioner at MBSI has great passion and compassion as well as skills conducting researches, helping people and world acquire truth, true science, true health of whole being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our practitioners, teachers and scientists are open minded in both spiritual science and conventional science, while having wide background, education, healthcare, wellness care, and research skills in both modern science and ancient wisdom, western science and eastern science. Our healthcare providers either own a well established clinic to provide onsite healthcare service or (and) are able to provide sound health consultation services. Our health/wellness care providers, teachers and researchers can conduct healing and educational lectures, workshops and other various forms of health education presentations via Internet, face-to-face classes, or conferences.

If you are a healthcare provider, private practitioner, mind-body science teacher, or researcher, and you feel you are qualified to be a mind-body healthcare provider, researcher, or teacher at MBSI as described above, you are welcome to apply for it by filling out the Provider Application as a new provider. After MBSI reviews your information and if you are approved, you will be able begin providing your service to our members.

If you are an individual in need of help for your health issue, general health improvement, quality of life, relationship or communication improvement, or other personal wellness goals, then first please open a new Membership Account and become a member. And then you will be provided with login information, member access, and become eligible to receive services from your desired service providers at MBSI.






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Mind-Body Healthcare Providers and Professionals such as research scientists, speakers and authors at MBSI are outstanding practitioners and professionals of mind-body medicine and science, psychology, mental health, wellness and personal growth, alternative and complimentary medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual energy medicine, mind-body cultivation, and other integrative medicine modalities.