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All-In-One Energy TherapyTM (AET)

Brainwave-Meridian TherapyTM (BMT)

Clinically Proven All-In-One Mind-Body Medicine
Needle-Free & Drug-Free Mind-Body Healing Art
for Chronic Diseases & Preventive Health

You can call Dr. Liu at (626) 588-7815
(between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Pacific Time)
to make an appointment.
Have your charge card, paypal, check or cash ready at your appointment.

If he is busy with other clients, please feel free to leave a message,
he will call you back as soon as he becomes available.


All Visits or Distance Healing Session
are by Appointment

10 am ~ 6 pm, Monday-Saturday

For an appointment,
submit the following form or call:

Direct Line: 626-588-7815

On-Site Local Offices in South CA:
cities of Orange, Diamond Bar,
West Covina, CA

Distance Healing Sessions (Online & Phone):
Nationwide (available daily)

Group Healing Conference
(Call 626-588-7815 or contact us for availability)

About Distance Healing Session:
Through telphone or an advanced Live Radio System Online and iPhone (or Smart Phone) combination, Dr. Liu delivers his Real Time Distance Healing session directly to you while wherever you are in the US and the World. You can have a very relaxing, energizing and inspiring energy healing session at your home in your bedroom, living room, back yard, or on the beach or while you are on a vacation trip, simply as long as you have a iPhone or Smart Phone with you. For the best effect of healing frequency delivered to your ears, please have your cell phone earphone with you. No additional technique or skill is required.


Appointment Cancellation:
(For On-Site and Distance Sessions)

All sessions are by appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment, please send us a notice 24 hours ahead of your appointment time. Otherwise, there is a half amount of a session fee charged to you for any Cancellation within 24 hours or full amount of the session fee charged to you if you do not send us any Cancellation notice without attending the session.


What is AET/BMT?

All-In-One Energy TherapyTM / AET & Brainwave-Meridian TherapyTM / BMT, is an integrated East-West Energy Healing art that spontaneously combines multiple healing techniques including (1) spiritual healing and psychological healing (to eliminate mental and spiritual blockages), (2) brainwave therapy (to balance brain chemicals and functions), (3) Qigong / Chi Kung energy healing (to unblock energy channels / meridians and balance energy state), (4) hypnotherapy (optional upon request of individual - can be skipped if requested by an individual), (5) meditation healing, (6) energy movement exercise (to integrate and strengthen mind, body and spirit), (7) holistic natural diet therapy and herbal formulas (for Qi energy balance and nutritional balance), (8) lifestyle improvement and teaching of mind-body medicine & healthology (to achieve a lasting healing result and maintain daily health), (9). Past Life Regression therapy (upon your request).

What can AET/BMT help with?

AET/BMT helps improve chronic health conditions such as (but is not limited to) fibromyalgia, TMS, chronic pain, menopause syndromes, fatigue, daily stress, depression, anxiety, autism, anger, insomnia, relationship difficulty, communication difficulty, OCD, ADD, weight imbalance, hormone imbalance, female and male issues, etc. AET/BMT also helps improve daily health, stress reduction, longevity living, slowing down aging, beauty appearance, physical well-being, mental wellness, spiritual growth, better daily performance and quality life (read Testimonial)

About the Inventor Dr. Jason Liu

Dr. Jason Liu, MD/PhD, is a certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner and drugless practitioner, brainwave sound and energy healing music composer and therapist, quantum physicist, neuron-muscular scientist, author of Mind-Body Medicine & Healthology. More about Dr. Liu and the Institute, click here.

How AET/BMT Works

For most chronic health issues, the problem is a functional problem (also called energy problem), but not a physical problem (physical structure damaging), it is why your family doctor or your hospital could not find any medical issue on your physical body even though you do not feel good physically and/or mentally. Even if they may find some issue on your body physically but the cause of the problem is a chronic energy problem. To heal from the root, we still need to work on the original cause - energy blocakge and imbalance.

For you easy to understand this, Dr. Liu often explain like this: "In most cases your problem is a software problem, but not a hardware problem. Even though sometime it is a hardware damaging issue, but as we look into the depth of the issue, we will find it was caused by software problem, therefore while fixing the hardware we still need to fix the software problem." AET/BMT is just such a "software" healing technique - functional medicine or called energy medicine that particularly heals your energy problem such as energy blockages and imbalances on your physical body and in your mind and emotions, to restore your functions back to normal and healthy condition.

It takes more explanation to help you completely understand the mechanism and principle that BMT energy medicine takes place. Please read more about details on How BMT Works.


Do you need AET/BMT?

Are you experiencing any chronic health problems physically, mentally and / or emotionally such as (see following list but are not limited to)?

Chronic pain (e.g., fibromyalgia, TMS, etc.)
Depression, anxiety, fear, autism, bipolar, ADD, ADHD
Insomnia, fatigue, low energy and other neurological and emotional imbalances
Injury recovery (physically and mentally)
Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)
Cancer management and improvement; help with preparation or recovery of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery
Hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke and squeals, and other cardiovascular conditions
Epilepsy, Seizures, parkinson's disease
Irregular menstruum, fibroid and other female issues
Imbalance of internal secretions (hormones) and metabolism
Problems of heart, liver, kidney, stomach and other internal organs
Autonomic nerves imbalance, heart palpitation, irregular heart rhythm
Sexual dysfunction
Relationship and communication
Skin care and beautification
Longevity healing healthcare
Other undetectable diseases or health problems
Not in the above list, as explained in question box
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone #:
for appointment account (if any)


Is your problem named “Non-Diagnosable”, "Difficult" or "Complicated" condition by conventional medical practitioners? Are you afraid of needles or tired of taking medication? Have you tried numerous forms of therapy without achieving stable and lasting results? Do you want to get a clear picture about your health and seek natural ways to effectively eliminate the illness?

If so, you have now discovered the right doctor to help you end the problems and improve the quality of your daily life. Dr. Jason Liu is a neuron scientist, certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Drugless Practitioner, Master of Traditional Energy Healing, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has developed an innovative form of therapy to treat patients with chronic conditions and help them balance the mind and body to gain the best health, all without using any needles or medication.

The therapy is called All-In-One Enegy Therapy (AET) & Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT). This breakthrough healing technology combines principles of traditional oriental medicine, mind-body medicine, brainwave science, and a series of integrated healing modalities such as acupuncture energy healing music and brainwave sound created by Dr. Liu, biofeedback, hypnotherapy (optional), psychological / emotional healing conversation, meditation, etc. BMT involves no needles, no drugs, and no side effects. The best part of BMT is that it targets not just the physical symptoms, but also the whole being - mind, body, and emotion.

Aside from the traditional energy diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Dr. Liu has integrated modern technology to analyze your brainwave frequencies, pulse waves, heartbeats, and their inter-relationships. AET/BMT is highly customized to each individual’s frequency data, and effectively addresses all symptoms. This therapy helps  remove mental and physical blockages, thereby enabling the circulation of energy along the energy paths (meridians) to empower the virtual life force, enhance physical and mental energy levels, as well as rejuvenate the mind and body.