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FAQ About All-In-One Energy Therapy (AET)
& Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT)

Q1: How does Dr. Liu heal if no drugs, needles, chemicals or electronic currents are used?

A1: The root cause of any physical and mental problem is the imbalance of energy state, energy blockages, and disturbing/noisy frequencies in the body and mind that cause the disconnection of them. Dr. Liu will find out where is the blockages, imbalance and disturbing noisy in your body and mind, then he will use AET/BMT, a combination of his healing energy frequencies, psychological healing and emotional unlocking techniques, to help improve your conditions. There are no any need of drugs, needles or electronic current, electrodes or other physical or chemical tools are needed, except healing music, sound, talk, meditation, hypnosis, life coaching, counseling, etc. (see the AET/BMT home page for the list of healing modalities).

Q2: Does AET/BMT involve or affect any religion or belief?

A2: No. This technique does not involve any religion or belief. This is a healing system based on principles that have been used and proven, with quite a long history in both eastern and western medical fields. Just as acupuncture does not involve religion or belief systems, neither does AET/BMT.

Q3: How long does it take to see noticable improvement? How many sessions will I need?

A3: The number of sessions varies with each client. However, our clients usually experience positive results within weeks or even a few sessions. For chronic cases, it could take up to a few months, but you will get much better within the first 2-3 weeks if you visit as often as possible, as this helps build and maintain a high level of strong healing energy that effectively accelerates your healing process. After these sessions, the majority of clients feel a major improvement in their condition. We have had clients who came from foreign states; they usually stayed in San Diego for a one-month intensive treatment/vacation and are able to leave free from illnesses that have plagued them for years.

Q4. What are AET/BMT's special benefits?

A4: AET/BMT is a natural healing method, thus making it very safe (no medication or needles used.) It is also relaxing and enjoyable. AET/BMT targets the root cause, thereby taking away multiple physical symptoms as well as emotional and mental stress, at the same time. It is very cost-effective healing.

Q5. What can I expect for the first session?

A5: The initial session takes 2 hours. In addition to going over your case history, Dr. Liu performs a pulse reading. He will then explain as to what the cause of the symptoms is, how he is going to help you, and why AET/BMT works. In addition, he will also suggest a healing program (estimated number of sessions for the initial healing course to achieve positive results). These explanations are based on the traditional energy healing concepts, and will help you have an overall picture about your condition from the perspective of energy healing principles. Dr. Liu then gives you a AET/BMT healing in the session.

The after-sessions will continue your treatment. The feedback may vary depending on each client’s situation, but most of our clients report feeling relieved from stress, emotional turmoil and increased physical and mental well-being. Everyone's experience can be unique as we see some clients respond more quickly than others, but improvement is guaranteed. Your positive thoughts are always beneficial for your healing process as well.

Q6. Why does the healing result last?

A6: AET/BMT balances your energy flow, cleanses the mind and body, and helps restore your vital life force, which enables the effects to be long-term. However, since we are all still part of the human physical world, you may still encounter stress that can potentially interrupt your energy state after the healing program. Therefore Dr. Liu also helps his clients learn self-healing methods to maintain the balanced energy state.

Q7. Does any medical insurance cover this therapy?

A7: Not at this point. Dr. Liu's healing work is an integrative natural medicine. Currently, most insurance companies do not yet cover this kind of alternative healing method. However, this has not prevented his clients from coming to him, simply because of the high successful rate, fast effectiveness, healing the root cause and non-side-effect nature of this therapy.

We encourage you to consider your health as the number one priority, and start your healing journey as early as possible, but do not wait until the condition gets worse.

You may get reimbursed from your insurance company afterward, if you are lucky to give a try as some our previous patients have done.

Q8. Can I deduct tax for the money I paid for this treatment?

Yes, you can. We issue you official format of receipt from our clinic with our business name. Dr. Liu as a certified practitioner, our service is considered as healthcare service, which is legible for you to claim as tax deductible expenses.