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How All-In-One Energy Therapy & Brainwave-Meridian Therapy Works

Short Explanation

Human is made of Energy, that is circulated constantly in order for you to stay alive and healthy. Sickness is caused by the energy blockage, imbalance and disconnection within and between your body, mind and spirit. AET/BMT unlocks the blockage, balance the energy and reconnect your body, mind and spirit at all levels spontaneously, to help you achieve total healing, health, longevity and quality of life.

Complete Explanation

The universe is made of spirit, energy and matter. Human beings are made of spirit, mind and body. They are all made of different forms of energy. From the creator’s great compassion, wisdom, powerful divine spirit, and the extremely high density energy origin, to the invisible utmost minuscule, and to the fundamental particles - fundamental fermions: quarks, leptons, anti-quarks, and anti-leptons, and the fundamental bosons: gauge bosons and Higgs boson - and then photons, neutrinos, nucleus, protons, electrons, atoms, molecules, to all levels and forms of matter and life; air, water, plants, earth, sun, solar system, milky way of galaxy, our local group of galaxy, and more and more countless number of planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, super clusters, dark matter and dark energy, making up the vastest of the vast universe - all these are mobilizing, spinning, operating and connecting (associating) to each other, at all levels constantly and simultaneously by following the creator’s precisely designed mechanism (the universal law), principle, rule and procedures, and along their pathways or orbits. All stars and planets are spinning all the time constantly and never stopped, it is the way the universe lives.

Similarly, human’s body, mind, and spirit also have all different energy forms at different levels and in different dimensions, including not only physical structures and substances such as organs, tissues, cells, bones, blood, hormones, brain chemicals, DNA molecules, but also thoughts, consciousness, sub-consciousness, emotions, mental and spiritual energies, and origin of matters, energy and spirit of life.

Like the universe’s matters such as water and air, all forms of life energies are mobilizing, metabolizing, transporting and connecting to each other, constantly within and between the body, mind and spirit, by following their mechanisms and along their pathways, called meridian system according to the traditional oriental medicine. The circulation of these energies is a life phenomenon constantly according within the body, mind and spirit. One day if the energy circulation stopped, then it means the life ended. Keeping all these forms of energies circulated, balanced and connected constantly and smoothly within the meridian network system is the way to keep the life alive and healthy.

The meridian system is an energy network system distributed over the physical body, and spread over the mental body and spiritual body. Life energy transports within and crossing these bodies through these meridian pathways. If your energy level is running low or energy meridians are blocked somewhere within or between the mental body, spiritual body and physical body, then you will experience pain, sickness, and discomfort, getting aged or have some serious issues of health physically, emotionally or mentally. The meridian system is a complete network system. At the physical level, the classical meridian system includes 14 meridians - 2 single meridians and 12 pair meridians. The two single meridians are central meridian (conception meridian) and governing meridian. These two meridians are core meridians that connect to and integrate all other 12 pair meridians, governing entire body. When these two core meridians are fully open, the energy circulation forms a full circle from front to the back around the entire body, which is called Great Universal Circulation. The 12 pair meridians are related with organs and energy systems; spleen and stomach meridians, lung and large intestine meridians, liver and gallbladder meridians, heart and small intestine meridians, kidney and bladder meridians, pericardium and triple warmer meridians, belonging to the energy properties of yin and yang, and the five elements of earth, metal, wood, fire and water, respectively.

Unless some dramatic physical injuries, most of diseases or health problems are caused by energy blockages and imbalance (deficiency or overwhelming) as well as disconnection between and within one or more meridians on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Health and longevity is determined by energy microcirculation and balance and connection between the body, mind and spirit as one. In other words, energy microcirculation is the fundamental key to human health and longevity.

Over time in this physical life, the energy meridians are gradually getting blocked and energy circulation within the meridians gradually decreases. In natural aging process, at average 1% meridian blockage and energy weakness are seen every year. For a 50 year-old person, his/her meridians are 50% blocked, and energy became 50% weaker than the original life force. For an 80 year-old person, over 80% of meridians are blocked and only 20% energy left to survive his/her life. It is why older people move much slower, have much less flexibility of their body, feel weak, easy get tired, and sometime easy to get sick. Here we are talking about the normal healthy people’s natural aging process. Even healthy people rarely live over 100 years. If someone has more physical or mental traumas, hardships, stressful life, too much attachments, bad karma, bad eating habit and lifestyle, relationship problems, family issues, and so on, then they will have even more energy meridians blocked and easily get sick physically and mentally. Brainwave-Meridian Therapy, however, uses external energy vibrations to help unlock your blocked meridians, enhance your energy circulation, balance your energy level and reconnect your mind-body-spirit to heal your health problems mentally and physically, and then help you establish a longevity health and mind-body-spirit cultivation state, so you will keep your energy meridians 100% open, your energy remained at higher level, balanced and actively circulated, and your body, mind and spirit stay connected all the time. Your mind and soul resonate with the universe’s energy frequencies, your body and mind merge with the universe higher energy origin, and therefore you can gain higher divine energy from another dimension, stay young, live long and healthy.

We can tell how a person’s energy state is. A person with fully opened energy meridians and optimal energy circulation has an energetic, healthy, happy and beautiful appearance, and facial expression and face color (“Chee Color”) looks pink, smooth, shinning, young and beautiful, good skin elasticity and vitality, eye expression is shinning, peaceful, passionate and energetic. While for a person with blocked energy meridians, low energy microcirculation, weak and imbalanced energy state, and energy flow between your mind-body-spirit is disconnected - all these energy problems cause the following common consequences such as face color looks dark, pale, not smooth, sallow, dry skinny or fatty swollen, fast aging, somewhere in the body feels pain, sore, itching, numb, weak, discomfort, and easy to get tired, and mentally may feel anxious, frustrated, depressed, unhappy, impatient, non-confident, fearful, confused, bored, losing interest and passion in daily life, etc. There is a typical saying in oriental medicine: “where you feel pain, then where you have energy blockage.” Here the word ‘pain’ is a collective concept that stands for any kind of illness or discomfort. This is the absolute truth. This is the most fundamental principle of energy medicine.

Nowadays many people take pain pills to stop their pain, or other medication to ease their symptoms, but it does not really heal the cause from the root. Pain pill simply blocks the pain-related sensory nerve, but it does not remove the energy blockage and improve the energy circulation to heal the cause. Pain or other symptom is an alarm warning from your nervous system that tells you that your energy circulation has a problem and needs to improve. Taking medication to temporarily stop the symptom is just like you turn off the fire alarm, ignore the fire spreading, and watch the flames burning your house.

To unlock the energy blockage, promote energy circulation, balance the energy state, and reconnect the mind-body-spirit, oriental medicine uses needle acupuncture and acupressure to deal with the energy meridians and acupoints on the physical body. However, there are more other effective energy-healing techniques to work with these meridians energy problems at mental, physical and spiritual levels spontaneously. AET/BMT utilizes the techniques such as yin-yang & five elements energy music therapy, Qigong, Tai Ji, meditation, energetic movement exercises, selected herbal formulas, hypnosis, mindfulness practice, spiritual energy healing and enlightenment, etc. These energy healing modalities use energy vibrations in physical, mental and spiritual forms to spontaneously activate all energy meridians, enhance energy level, balance energy state, and reconnect the body, mind and spirit at the same time.

On the other hand, to make these energy-healing techniques more effective, BMT incorporates delta, theta and alpha brainwave sound frequencies into the yin-yang & five elements energy music to help you quickly calm, relax and empty your mind, get into a brainwave entrained state / mind-body coherence state, and balance your brain chemicals (such as noradrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, Dehydroepiandrosterone / DHEA, etc.) , for best absorbing and resonating with the yin-yang & five elements music energy, opening your energy meridians, promoting energy circulation, improving your balanced energy state and reconnecting your mind-body-spirit. Delta and theta brainwave sound vibrations along with the energy music help you get into a very healing, restful and energizing relaxation, meditation and sleep, allow you to balance your brain chemicals, recover your brain from stress and overwhelming activities, help your mind-body-spirit restore balanced and connected state from overloaded work, study and stressful daily activities, rejuvenate your vital life force, and slow down your aging process. Alpha brainwave combined with the energy music enhances your critical thinking, intelligent creativity, learning and performing efficiency and quality.

Your brain is the central neuron system that governs your entire body. Brainwave therapy helps balance your brain chemicals and relax your body and mind to best receive the energy healing by means of energy music, meditation, Qigong cultivation, and spiritual healing.

Above the level of physical body, it is mental and spiritual bodies. BMT helps you access the higher divine energy source and connect your mind and soul with your body.

BMT helps you eliminate all causes that cause your energy meridians blocked , energy circulation diminished, energy state imbalanced and mind-body-spirit disconnected. These causes can be widely involved with all details of daily life aspects; thoughts, notions, understanding about life and matters, beliefs, habits, attachments, family, friend and social relationships, living and growing environment and experiences, education, work, profession, inborn and after-born personal characters, etc. All these can contain contaminated unhealthy vibrations that could cause an issue in the mind, body and spirit. BMT brings powerful healing energy vibrations from the universe’s origin life force, to heal all these factors and achieve a complete healing and health.

As a result, all your meridians are open and have energy circulated throughout your entire body, mind and spirit, and you stay in a state of being one with the Universe, live a healthy, stress-free, worry-free, pain-free, energetic, young, beautiful and meaningful long life.

Brainwave-Meridian Therapy is All-In-One Energy Therapy and preventive medicine that transforms your whole person, mind, body and spirit to a higher level.