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Dr. Liu is an Amazing Pioneer
- Sharon Vong

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Dr. Jason Liu for his superior knowledge and ability to provide outstanding energy healing therapy.

Being a massage therapist for over 5 years, I have a strong background in education, training and understanding of how Chinese medicine works. I have to say that Dr. Liu is truly a pioneer, among the best. When I came to him, I was experiencing low energy, shoulder pain, allergy, poor memory, fear, depression, non-confidence, and insomnia. I had to schedule my customers during the middle of the week, and left Monday and Friday open to take an extended break. Even so, it was difficult for me to lift my arms, and sometimes my fingers and arms were numb.

I went to several other practitioners, including acupuncturists and physical therapists, for help; however, they only made me feel better for a short time. Finally, going to work became too much of a burden, as I was suffering from the lack of energy needed to help my customers, who noticed this. As a result, both my income and my general health condition were declining. I had so much anxiety and fear… everything in my life became extremely difficult. I had to seriously seek ways to improve my health, or I would lose my business and be forced to take a much lower-paying job.

When I realized that there were not many options for me to make a decent living, I started to attend some group-healing workshops, hosted by a famous doctor who claimed his teaching was much beyond the Qigong and other therapies. This doctor’s treatment was ineffective; in fact, I felt worse!

One day I was listening to the radio, and accidentally tuned in to a station on which a woman was talking about her health issues. She had tried numerous therapies, but none were working for her until she discovered a great doctor in San Diego who healed her in 4 weeks. She claimed his therapy was the “Granddaddy of all other therapies”, which to me, sounded too good to be true. Somehow, though, the sincerity and the happiness in her words seemed to reflect from her heart, and was really contagious, so I remembered the doctor’s name: Jason Liu, a Chinese doctor who heals people without using needles or medications, but frequency manipulations. I decided to give it a try.

It was the most comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing sessions I had ever experienced! I could feel the warm energy field once I walked into his pleasant, cozy office. When I sat facing him, I felt as if I had known him for a long time; I could open up and tell him everything. I trusted him! It amazed me that from a pulse reading, he could accurately tell what was wrong with me - physically and mentally. When my brainwave data and heart data were recorded, he came up with the most beautiful melody, coded with the right frequencies, which I guarantee is very different than the so-called “healing music” currently found in the commercial market.

This treatment was absolutely amazing! I was flying in the sky, breathing the purest air from above the ocean, embracing a shining light... My body and mind were purified while the melody was vibrating. All my fatigue, sadness, frustration, and anger were blown away by fresh energy. When I walked out from this 90 minutes session, I felt so relaxed, and all of the soreness in my body was gone. Better still, it has never returned!

I had one month of treatments with Dr. Liu, 3 intensive sessions per week. Each time, I felt positive changes within my body and my mind. During the first week, I had some cleansing reactions while the negative Chi was leaving me, but soon after that, my shoulder pain was gone, and my overall health and energy dramatically improved. This month was incredible! Not only have my physical problems subsided, but I have regained the energy to continue my work, and, most importantly, I have learned valuable lessons about the mind - body balance.

I am very grateful to Dr. Liu. He has helped me so much, and I whole-heartedly recommend him and his outstanding energy therapy. I hope all those who have similar difficulties find my experience helpful in selecting their own health care provider.


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