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BMT Saved My Life
Thanks to Dr. Liu Who Healed My Severe Depression

- Eva Chen

When I first came to Dr. Liu for treatment of my severe depression and anxiety, I had already completely stopped menstruating for 3 months. My energy was low, and my circulation was so bad, that my hands and feet were always cold. My blood pressure was constantly as low as ~95/55. I felt hopeless in my life. I couldn’t work and didn’t know what to do. Many times I suddenly started crying uncontrollably.

According to Dr. Liu’s diagnosis, all my symptoms were due to a combination of deficiencies in kidney Yin, excessive liver fire, hormone imbalance, and mental blocks. My mom saw Dr. Liu’s article in the Epoch Times newspaper, and made an appointment with him for me. Since I started seeing Dr. Liu, I began to feel  better and better each time. I felt energy start flowing within my body; my hands, feet and whole body were growing warmer during the sessions. With each session, I could feel  positive changes. I was happier and more peaceful. After the first month, my period resumed, but I still had some emotional frustration, which  Dr. Liu indicated was a positive reaction, as emotional blockages were being released. 

We continued sessions for another month, and now my depression and anxiety are completely gone. My period returned to normal, with no discomfort. My blood pressure is normal, and my circulation is much better; my hands and feet are no longer cold. I feel very peaceful, and am very appreciative for Dr. Liu’s help. He brought light and hope into my life. Right after I finished my sessions, I got a new job.



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