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You Gave Me Freedom
- Maria C.

Dear Dr. Liu:

I want to share with you how amazing the results of my sessions have been.

When I first came to see you, my mother had just passed away; my father, after 65 years of marriage, was grieving all day and giving up on wanting to go on. Also at that time , my husband became involved with some internet activities that were pulling him away from me. I felt grief, anger, and confusion, and was emotionally worn out and physically exhausted.

The sessions with you were delightful! Your  heart is so genuine and full of compassion, and your music is indescribable. Your treatments caused caused me to come back to life! I was able to sort through my marital problems and release all the negativity. Things were getting better, but when my elderly father passed away to reunite with my mother, I looked through my grief over the double loss of both parents, and had a huge revelation.

Without realizing it, I transferred my feelings about my Dad, who was my real life Superman, to my husband. Under the weight of such unspoken expectations, he had to “run away” when he saw me “losing my footing” due to the disintegration of my original family structure. With your help, I once again found within me a strength I didn’t know existed, for I had spent all my life being my parents’ child. I saw it was time to be a courageous adult, and be the strong one in a relationship. I also learned to set my husband free, in a way, on a psychic level, and be there for him without unexpressed expectations.

I am truly happy to say, “I am back”! Life appears manageable again, and there is a deep acceptance of all that I went through. This is what our sessions gave me: Freedom, with the realization that  I am a separate being and no one else is responsible for me. You called on my inner strength to accept this reality by balancing my body, clearing my mind, and “holding my hand” throughout the months it took for me to do the work needed to reach this mountaintop from which I can see clearly. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts when I needed them the most, and thank you for helping me find this inner peace.






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