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I Quit Smoking -- And My Shoulder Pain Went Away!
- Mark O.

Amazing! I came to quit smoking, which I did, but what surprised me the most was the fact this therapy also healed my other problems such as shoulder-pain, anxiety, depression and stress…Here is my healing story:

I had a 12-year smoking history. I was having 3/4 pack a day which exceeded my wife’s tolerance level. In order to save my marriage, I had to try my very best to quit smoking. I was skeptical and negative due to the fact that none of those techniques were working for me until I met with Dr. Jason Liu. In the very initial session, Dr. Liu read my pulse and diagnosed my energy blocks and emotional blocks, and then he recorded my brainwaves and HeartMath data to find the corrupted frequencies in my neuron system. Based on all these careful researches, he composed a very special series of music sounds for my sessions. His technique, called Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT), is a perfect combination of hypnotherapy, music healing, needle-free acupuncture, physical and mental massages with his very unique and powerful frequencies of therapeutic music sound and melodies. He not only helped me permanently quit smoking, but also healed my other physical conditions at the same time.

During the years, I was also suffering pains in my back and shoulders. I was under lots of stress and anxiety, and of course, my sex drive was low, as I was also addicted to alcohol… After a few sessions with Dr. Liu, I was surprised to find myself no longer craving for drink and smoke, my shoulder pain also stopped! What surprised my wife and me the most was the fact we are a lot closer at the bedtime, and I regained my confidence.

Dr. Liu’s technology reprogrammed my messed-up neuron system and refreshed me from within. Initially I expect Dr. Liu would use just hypnosis to help me quit smoking, but actually he deals my all other problems at the same time and used other integrated techniques. This healing art is good for not just stress management, pain management, smoking cessation, and weight control, but also for most chronic mental and physical health disorders. I am very happy to recommend Dr. Jason Liu and his drug-free and needle-free therapy, which truly worked for me.




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