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An Admiring Healing Art - Dr. Jason Liu’s Energy Therapy Healed Me
- John S

I started surfing ever since I was a kid and it is one of the most important activities in my life. Unfortunately, my left hip started feeling very painful five years ago, and it bothered me quite a lot, and it gradually made surfing difficult. I went to hospital to check what went wrong. After a series of tests, the doctors gave no clear explanation about the cause, but suggested that I undergo a hip replacement surgery. I refused and wanted to try some alternative therapies. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic, shiatsu, and massage therapy, but there was no that much improvement. Because I was under such a severe pain, finally I received the left-hip replacement surgery by paying $23,000 for the two-night stay in the hospital.

After three weeks, just when I got rid of walking stick, the pain had transferred from my left hip to my right hip and even my lower back! This made me feel very disappointed about the surgery, not only because of so much money spent without results, but also because the degree of the pain worsened after the surgery.

As this condition became worse everyday, the physical pains became emotional pain as I realized that I would have to give up my favorite hobby in my life. I went to some other doctors, physical therapists and alternative medicine practitioners, but they couldn’t help me until I came across an ad placed in both the Yellow Pages and the Vision Magazine about Dr. Jason Liu and his needle-free/drug-free Brainwave-Meridian Therapy.

During my first visit, Dr. Liu’s diagnosis clearly pointed out that the major cause of the pains were associated with some long-time energy blockages, which had existed even before the replacement surgery. He explained that the surgery hadn’t removed the blockages, so that was what caused the pain in my right hip and lower back.

Dr. Liu’s meridian energy therapy is very effective. I could feel the energy flow through my back, hips, and legs and noticed the pain reduction right away at the first session. I scheduled appointments with him every day for two weeks, and felt better and better each time. After the first two weeks, I could surf again! In order to get healed completely, I visited him 3 times a week, then reduced to 2 times a week, then once a week. The results are stable. Recently I had a vacation for two weeks, and went surfing in Hawaii. I surf almost everyday and never feel any pain. My daily life also became much easier because this pain is completely gone.

Through my healing experience with Dr. Liu, I now understand more about his energy medicine. It seems that he is working beyond the physical realm to heal the cause – energy blockages. It may be hard to understand, but I do know the energy blocks existed and that they couldn’t be removed by surgery. Now they are gone, so I am completely healed. Thanks for Dr. Liu’s healing art.





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