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Rejuvenated Sex Drive and Overall Health Improvement
David S.

Being an 84-year old man, I’m not afraid to tell you that I have a girlfriend of age 50’s. I love her very much and would do anything to make her happy. But there was one thing I couldn’t do because of my age. This really made me feel guilty sometimes.

By accident, I saw Dr. Jason Liu’s advertisement on Vision Magazine. I felt a connection with this doctor. I called him to ask if he could help me at my age and was surprised by his positive answer and convincing explanation about his needle-free/drug free energy healing technique, so I immediately made an appointment with him.

After the pulse reading, Dr. Liu very confidently told me that his technique could rejuvenate my lost sexual energy. After he explained about virtual life force, energy healing, oriental medicine, central neuron system, the mind-body connection which are all associated with the sex drive, he started treating me right at the first session. I really enjoyed each session with him. It was so relaxing and comfortable. Sometimes I would fall asleep. After the session, I felt so relaxed, refreshed and energetic.

I need to share some surprising results: after the 6th session, my high blood pressure (usually around 180 / 110) returned to normal (~118 / 75), and I could stop all five high blood pressure medications. After the 10th session, walking became much easier and longer without any problem. I used to have weakness in my left leg and knee due to the stroke. After 12 sessions, I started feeling something that I haven’t experienced for a long time - my sex drive returned!

I feel younger and happier emotionally, and physically it’s really an improvement to my overall health. I gained a lot of confidence about my relationship. In general, I recommend everyone try it.





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