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Dr. Liu Healed My Fibroid - Saved Me from the Surgery
- Irena C.

My name is Irene, from Russia a few years ago. I was diagnosed as fibroid and advised by my doctors to get immediate hysterectomy, a surgery that removes the uterus. The condition caused heavy bleeding (8 days each period) for 2 years. I even had to have emergency care due to loosing too much blood that resulted in anemia and low blood pressure (85/50). I became very weak, physically and mentally. I thought I would die in this way as the condition gets worse and worse. However, I didn’t feel ready to go through the surgery, as that’s a lot of money, for the operation and the after-care cost, and I was also afraid of the side effect of removing this main female organ. I heard many complain about hysterectomy that could cause female hormone imbalance, speeding up aging process and other related problems. I also read some information from online medical advisors that said that many physicians and women’s health advocates argue that 75 to 80 percent of hysterectomy surgeries are not necessary because alternative ways could help. For all these reasons I had kept looking for natural healing way to help.

Luckily, I found Dr. Jason Liu, from a magazine. When I met with Dr. Liu, I was emotionally depressed, looked pale, and not sure how he could help me in stopping the bleeding. But the amazing thing happened, the bleeding volume reduced right after the 1st session, it was unbelievable! I continued another 20 sessions and by then my period returned to normal - 3-4 days with regular amount. The fibroid is healed so I don’t need the surgery anymore!

My life is changed because Dr. Liu’s healing work. I become not only physically healthy, but also very positive and happy mentally and emotionally. I feel strong confidence to recommend Dr. Liu’s natural healing to anyone who is in needs.








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