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Meridian-Music Gives Back My Life and Soul
- Valerie De Laurentis

When I decided to meet Dr. Jason Liu, I have reached a desperate point in my life. I'd exhausted my efforts to find relief from my severe angina that had been incapacitating me since March 1997. The angina had escalated to the point that even the slightest physical movement could put me in bed for several hours. I could barely walk; shopping took hours; I had to give up painting (I am a commercial artist); even turning the pages of a magazine could disable me for quite some time. The constriction around my heart was such that I constantly had difficulties. The worst one occurred on September 11, 2001, the day the terrorists attacked, which very nearly killed me. I could not move, could not work, could not live. It was like having a heart attack in slow motion.

I did not obtain the usual Nitroglycerin from any physician or cardiologist, as none of them paid the slightest attention to or showed interest to listen to what I was saying. I consulted different practitioners in the alternative healing arts field. Many were honest, knowledgeable, and did all they could, but still nothing worked. The problem, I think, was an enormous overload of emotional pain that nothing seemed to be able to dislodge, because it was blocked.

Dr. Liu was my last hope. From an article I read, I understood that he uses the Chinese Acupuncture theory, but instead of needles, he uses specific musical sounds arranged in beautiful harmonies. Those sounds address the energy blocks that congest the meridians directly, and dissolve them.

The first session really made a difference! Reading my pulse, Dr. Liu detected a huge block in the heart and the liver meridians, and a weak kidney, which explained my constant exhaustion. He listened carefully, and chose the right harmonies for me. The music is extraordinary and mysterious: it’s like light that can be heard instead of being seen; the genius of it is that it goes to that core of the self we don’t even know is there. I came out of this session refreshed and relaxed. The chest pain diminished; the heart rate reduced from 96 to 76. Given the severity of my case, this was quite remarkable for the first session. For the first time in years, I felt more psychic and physical energy during that week.

To my surprise, each following session made a significant improvement to not only the angina, but also the personality, in profound ways. I could sense that the chronic depression that had paralyzed my life for years was leaving me. Something was opening up, creating new shifts in perception, and the ability to trust and create; something that I had never known before.

I had barely mentioned depression to Dr. Liu. The beauty of this therapy is the fact that his approach addresses the whole person - body, feelings, and spirit, not just the illness. His practice combines multiple therapies into one, step by step, systematically to help me to find out the real cause of health problems, and how to practically handle and eliminate them in the future.

I would like to stress that that Dr. Liu is not only saved my physical health, but he gave my life and my soul back, all in just a few sessions! I am forever grateful to the spirit that allowed me to discover him, grateful to his immense knowledge, and to his beautiful Chinese culture.

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