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Extended Lifespan from Leukemia
– Barbara P. age 47, Miami, FL

"When I was diagnosed with white cell cancer, and was told I only had three months left to live, it was very scary. I heard about Dr. Liu’s energy music healing stories, and decided to try it. I had two-hour sessions twice a week with Dr. Liu, and had testing done in the hospital once a month. With each session, I felt more and more energetic, positive and less depressed. The healing progress reflected in the hospital test results were: decreased cancer cells! The doctors were all surprised and asked me what I was doing. When they knew I was receiving energy healing from a Chinese doctor, they all pretty much agreed: "Whatever you are doing, just continue with it!” I have seen Dr. Liu for over a year now. Not only I am alive still, but also I feel I am a healthy and happy person!"





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