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BMT Ended My 8-Year Illnesses – Fibromyalgia
-Rosario Rodriguez

“Rosario, you are really looking different now.” All my friends have been telling me this for the last week, especially my husband, who was out of town for one week and called me: “Honey, you sound happier now.” Yes, I do look happier and feel a lot happier, for the first time in years. I am sure the positive changes occurred because of Dr. Jason Liu.

I had been seeing different doctors and hospital staff for the past 8 years. I started with high blood pressure, developed fibromyalgia the same year, and the list continued: high cholesterol , amnesia, diabetics, tension, insomnia, depression, abnormal liver function , weight gain, 24-hour pain, swollen feet, fear, worry, anger… I had 18 things on my list before I went to see Dr. Liu. I had 13-14 pills taken everyday. I knew these drugs had many side effects and made me sicker, but without them I was unable to control my high blood pressure and couldn’t sleep. Doctors told me walking would be good for my diabetes, but I could only walk 10 to15 minutes due to lack of energy. I couldn’t have normal family life with my husband, we wanted to do things together, but I was always telling him, “No, I am tired, I have pain in my body.” He worried about me and our family a lot. I couldn’t even drive from Chula Vista to San Diego, because of the pain in my neck which prevented me seeing straight; I had to ask people’s help all the times… This was torture every moment, and I was constantly in a bad mood and I would fight with everyone around me.

Thank God for helping me find Dr. Liu, who took away my pain and all my pills! I would like to emphasize that Dr. Liu’s healing does not involve needles or medicines, only his composed brainwave-meridian music, which is customized for each individual. All I needed to do was lie down and enjoy his beautiful music. I could feel dramatic changes after the 3rd session. After 6 weeks, I stopped taking all medications except vitamins. I was able to walk 40 minutes every day last week; my blood pressure is 117-78 after walking, which is normal! I can now sleep 8-9 hours, but before I could only sleep 1-2 hours. I feel more energy during the daytime; I lost 8 pounds during the past 2 weeks, without the burning stomach caused by the medicine I was taking. My swollen feet became normal, and I can drive by myself now, without having to bother others.

The most important thing to me is that I am able to calm down and handle things, and to talk to people without fear or worry about my kids. My husband is very happy to see these changes in me; we now can go out and enjoy activities together. Everything had changed, and so dramatically that I can hardly believe it; it seems like a dream!

I am telling everyone what Dr. Liu has done for me, how great this therapy is, and how lucky we are in San Diego. I owe it all to Dr. Liu, who took away the pain I endured for eight years, and all my medication without needles or surgery. He did it just with his music. Thank God for Dr. Liu’s knowledge and compassion.


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