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BMT Really Reunified Me
- Kathryn W

Last fall, I was going through some very difficult physical problems: my hands and feet were very swollen, bleeding, and oozing; I could barely walk and it was very distressing. It seemed like a cross between an allergic reaction and a toxic reaction, so I started de-toxicification treatments. I used Oxygen Light and other therapies, which helped, but couldn’t eliminate the problem. When my urine pH level reached 4.2-4.5, coupled with my back pain, I realized it was Kidney related, so I drank cranberry juice. There was something extreme going on with my body, and it got to the point where I finally realized that what I was doing was not addressing it sufficiently.

Throughout my life, the medical industry has made me ill, literally. I was born ill, and their medicines made me more ill; they were injecting me with cortisone when I was 6 years old! I’ve probably had kidney channel damage ever since I was young. I have studied many therapies; I have tried, almost everything. I have been interested in and done lots of research about healing with sound, color, lights and vibration frequency. I was looking at the Light Connection Magazine when I came to Dr. Liu’s advertisement for Acupuncture-Music Therapy, using sound. This really fascinated me, so I went to his website. What intrigued me most is that Dr. Liu’s therapy is primarily based upon sound/vibration energy healing, utilizing no needles or medicine.

I called Dr. Liu and made an appointment, and the results were amazing! All I had to do was lie on a magnetic bed (under a nice comfy blanket), put on headphones, and listen. Dr. Liu’s voice would guide me in the beginning, and then I would go on a musical journey. Dr. Liu encouraged me to allow the music to carry me away into the inner dimensions of my soul, and while it did, he hooked me to a 2nd computer with brainwave and HeartMath technologies that measured my brainwaves, heartbeat and brain-heart synchronicity.

My dramatic improvement started within 24 hours. I went twice a week for 4 weeks. What surprised me most was that I went in for physical problems, yet Dr. Liu’s diagnosis pointed out that my physical problems were really the result of emotional problems. I was going through some relationship problems, which caused my kidney and liver energy channels to block. As he skillfully tweaked the music he composed for me, my progress was both subtle and dynamic, and deeply unifying beyond my wildest imagination! Session-by-session, I watched, felt, and realized that I was integrating into a “New Me”, literally.

My feet are now terrific. You can see the difference before and after in these slides. My hands are great, my skin is great, and even my income has doubled. Before my treatments, I felt very disconnected from spirit, very splintered. Now I feel unified, complete and very connected to Spirit, which has a great impact on physical well-being.

Those of us in San Diego are truly fortunate, as Dr. Liu is the only person offering this therapy in the United States! Although this type of music therapy dates back thousands of years, Dr. Liu goes way beyond what has been written in the Yellow Emperor’s book of “Chinese Internal Medicine. Dr. Liu is a very gifted man; his enthusiasm is contagious; his varied degrees are extra-ordinary, which all add up to an exceptional person with a truly distinctive and profound therapy!

This is “ lazy man’s therapy”--you just lie there and listen to music. If you can’t do that, then God help you!



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