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My Stroke Recovery with Dr. Liu's Needle-Free Acupuncture
- Bill Z.

I had a stroke over a year ago which caused the right side of my body to become paralyzed. I felt pain when I tried to lift my right arm, not to mention writing or driving. Walking also  consumed a lot of my energy. My memory began fading, sometimes I stuttered, and I had difficulty calculating. My insurance provider was Kaiser Permanente, and the doctors recommended surgery. However, after viewing my X-rays,  they couldn’t identify any problem with my muscle tissue. They offered only tests and medication. I went to two other practitioners who were physical therapists, but they could not significantly improve my condition.

Then, through a friend of my wife who had wonderful healing experiences , I found Dr. Liu. So began my stroke recovery journey Dr. Jason Liu and his Brainwave-Meridian (needle-free acupuncture) Therapy.

After my first session, the swelling in my swollen right arm was reduced by about 70%, so I could move my arm and fingers much more easily. I could close my fist, which was something I could not do before. After four sessions, I stopped all my medication (4 kinds for high blood pressure and 1 for blood sugar). Without medication, my blood pressure this morning, for example, was 118/76 (before it was over 160 without medications), and my blood sugar was 108 (it was over 140 without medication before). They are normal and stable after Dr. Liu's therapy.

Below are some of the photos taken that show the progress and positive changes after my healing sessions. All these changes occurred in less than two months with Dr. Liu's therapy.

Before Seeing Dr. Liu
(after Stroke)
After Dr. Liu's Therapy

During the first year after
my stroke, I had to learn to
write with my left hand since
my right hand was debilitated.

After 4 sessions, I could write with my right hand.

It was very difficult and
painful to move my right
arm, especially when I tried
to move up or to the side.

After 2 weeks’ therapy, I was able to move my right arm to the side like this without any pain.

After 3 weeks, I could hold a
phone with my right hand.

After 4 weeks, I could do this!

Now I can move my arm all the way up like this! I can drive and take care of my daily activities without pain or problems.




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