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BMT Healed from the Root
- Michelle A.

(This article was published on vision magazine in San Diego)

Nobody loves being sick. Especially, when you don’t even know what the problem is, and neither do the doctors. This was my case. My journey to wellness began in late March 2003, when I began a series of illness’s that lasted for over a month. What began, as a bladder infection, so I thought, then moved into a full blown flu, with terrible back aches and the list goes on, was really, in fact, a virus in my kidneys. I saw three western medical doctors in three different areas of expertise. No matter what tests they did, they could not find something tangible to diagnose me with. Even the urologist that I saw, scratched his head and said, “You have had so many things going on, I don’t know where to begin, so we will just begin a series of tests and go from there.” This was in mid-April 2003. After my initial appointment with the urologist, I had to wait two weeks to see him again. Let’s just say, that the idea of going through two more weeks of not going to the bathroom without pain and discomfort was not an option any more! That’s when I began seeing Dr. Jason Liu.

I never heard about Acupuncture-Music Therapy. I knew what Acupuncture was. But Dr. Liu’s technique did not use needles. In my first session, he pinpointed my disease as low energy in my kidney meridian as well as in my liver. He even found out my physical illness was actually caused from stress and relationship related emotional blocks including anxiety, anger and depression. I was amazed at how clearly he was able to diagnose me by just listening to my pulse! From there the transformation began. The music was mesmerizing. It started with a guided meditation and then the music took over. Our sessions not only included the music and meditation, but Spiritual guidance. Each time, Dr. Jason Liu checked my pulse to see the progress. With each session, I was getting better and better. Little by little the pain was going away in all areas of my body, but the most amazing thing that I began noticing was how I was changing my perception of life, my thought processes, and how my focus shifted to bringing more peace and harmony to my Spirit. The physical challenges are only the manifestation of a Spirits needs not being met or heard. I had no choice but to listen to my Spirit. What Dr. Liu did for me was heal me from the root. His Acupuncture-Music Therapy broke through the garbage of years of anger, and negative energy blocks and cleared the path to the core so the Light could come in and heal me in mind, body and Spirit. I never met a Doctor or a healer that can do what Dr. Liu does. In my opinion, he does what a traditional Psychologist, a Massage Therapist, and Acupuncturist and Spiritual healer do all in one.

Dr. Jason Liu is also a warm and friendly man, who always emanates a positive energy, strong spirit and stable mentality. It is with these wonderful traits, that he has the ability to encourage people to heal and become whole again. I thank Divine Spirit for bringing Dr. Jason Liu into my life. You will too.



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