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BMT Has Really Helped Me Immensely
-Carol B.

I  hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for 4 1/2 years. I was sure that part of it was emotional. It began after my sister died very quickly (within a month) in the hospital. The pain in my hip started the day we took her to the hospital; I could hardly get back into the house. Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my left hip. and was taking pain pills. Being an herbalist, I teach about health issues, and advise not taking drugs; however, I was sneaking drugs on my own, because the pain was so bad.

After my first treatment with Dr. Liu, I actually slept for nine hours! This therapy worked much better than the pain pills ever did! Nothing else has worked so quickly for me. I had tried a lot of different therapies and seen about 47 different practitioners. However, Dr. Liu scheduled me the next week, and I cam back the very next day!  It was doing so much for me, and I was anxious to recover 100%. After the first treatment, the pain was down about 30%, and after the eighth or so, it was down by 95%. It’s just amazing, what a difference this made in my life! I was just at a medical supplement conference, where there were many medical doctors, Ph.Ds., medical researchers, and a few herbalists. I was very, very busy, and I didn’t really rest all weekend.  I was extremely tired yesterday, but this morning I’m feeling great! I know that before my sessions with Dr. Liu,  if I had managed to get through three days like that, I would have felt like staying in bed for 3-4 days afterwards. This therapy has helped me immensely.

My friend and I have a small herb company; we grow plants to sell, so we do some manual labor. I had back problems before by trying to lift  heavy things (I broke my back in 1983), and to be able to do as much as I am now and not have any pain afterwards is really amazing! I am telling everyone: “You got to try this! It works!! It really has worked for me!!!” To have something that works this well, and all you have do is lie down and listen to music...Hmmm… you can’t beat that!  “No pain, no Gain” - well, that’s baloney! This therapy involves no pain, and I feel so much better.


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