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My Bartholin Gland Cyst Healed!
- Ann S.

To request the photos showing the healing result, please email Dr. Liu

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with a Bartholin Gland Cyst (an unnatural lump on one side of the labia). It was as big as an egg, causing very much discomfort in my daily life. I knew it was an emotional reaction to some difficulty I had encountered with my boyfriend, and I was broken-hearted when  the relationship ended. My doctor suggested I undergo surgery, which I did, but later regretted having made the wrong decision. It was very painful surgery in which the doctor cut the cyst, and left it open, bleeding and draining. I had to lie in bed for 3 full weeks. The surgery left me in pain, and with an ugly scar on the skin.

Six years later, at the exact same spot, the cyst came back again. This time I was in a very similar situation: breaking up with my boyfriend. We had arguments that caused me a lot of anxiety, anger and stress. The cyst grew to the size of an egg, just like the last time. I was scared, and wondered what to do this time. I did not want to go through the painful experience of surgery again, so I started researching to see if any alternative method could heal me in a natural way.

I was very, very lucky to have found Dr. Liu, through my friend’s referral. She told me about Dr. Liu, and how his Brainwave Meridian therapy had helped her greatly. I decided to try my luck. December 2nd was a day I will never forget. I came in for my first session with Dr. Liu. Right after the session, my bartholin cyst was reduced to half its original size! I was very surprised and excited. It was really an amazing session! I am a scientist; I know that 12% of all women in the US are suffering from this type of problem, and since my experience,  I believe this therapy can do miracles!

I continued my sessions with Dr. Liu for about 2 months. As the sessions progressed, the cyst grew smaller and smaller each time, its color turned from its original dark brown to white. Not only the cyst, the flesh also turned from a dull, dark color to  pink. What surprised me the most was that the scar from the last surgery completely disappeared! It was unbelievable!!

I also saw tremendous improvement of my dry skin. Everyone said I looked much younger and more attractive. My previously injured left foot healed completely; my emotions became very stable and positive, and I no longer experienced much stress from my work. Recently, I went to interview for a higher paying job, and I was the only one chosen out of 45 applicants. I know that without this therapy I wouldn’t have had the courage and energy to do this.

I thank Dr. Jason Liu for being so kind and compassionate, and for his good advice about my life, work, research, relationships and mind-body wellness.




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