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About The Mind-Body Energy Healing Workshops
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About The Mind-Body Energy Healing Workshop

Beside individual healthcare sessions conducted by our doctors (healthcare providers), MBSI offers Healing Workshops (group energy healing sessions in format of interactive healing workshops, seminars, presentations and lectures) through our local conference facilities and online conferences.

These Healing Workshops are different from the Certificate Training Programs in terms of purpose, format, audiences and benefit. Our Certificate Training Programs presented in a separate page (Training.asp), are especially designed for health professionals who want to learn the specific healing modality or technique, and earn a professional training certificate which demonstrates his/her professional training experience and qualification, and may be presented to his/her clients or patients as his/her professional credential. While Healing Workshops presented in this page are aiming to help any individuals, families, organizations, companies or groups to experience mind-body healing benefits as a form of healthcare, healing, self-healing, energy healing, mind-body wellness, mental and spiritual healing practice.

These Healing Workshops are not academic education or vocational education programs, and nor granting any degrees, certificates or credentials. However, if you are a health professional or self-improvement practitioner, and simply want to keep a record about your experience with any workshop you have attended at MBSI, upon your request we can issue a letter to state that you have attended our workshop.

Our Healing Workshop is a very effective, powerful, enlightening and entertaining way to bring transformational healing to the audiences, through a well-organized multi-denominational energy healing realm conducted by our healing presenters. Our healing workshop presenters are well-trained and cultivated energy healers, public speakers, doctors, therapists, teachers, instructors, mind-body scientists and authors. They not only have an advanced academic degree (most of them earned a doctor degree such as PhD, PsyD, ND, MD, OMD, etc.) in the fields of Mind-Body Medicine, Psychology, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Conventional Medicine or other Complementary and Alternative Medicine, but also have unique inborn / intuitive healing power and talents with many years of experience in these fields. You will experience undeliverable life-transformational healing benefits not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. To help you know more about our Healing Workshop Presenters, you can visit we Professionals page.

Who Should Attend MBSI's Healing Workshop

Any individuals who are interested in improving health of mind, body and spirit, and improving life quality, longevity living, communication, relationship, daily performance, and wellness life as a whole being physically, mentally and spiritually or you may have some health issues concerned about (see next paragraph), you are highly recommended to attend our energy healing workshops.

Beside improving general health and life quality, the following conditions will be addressed in the healing workshops as a natural, holistic, spiritual and energetic medicine approach. These conditions include but are not limited to, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fear, autism, bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ADD, ADHD, insomnia, fatigue, low energy, fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), tension myositis syndrome (TMS), hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke and squeals, irregular menstruation, fibroid and other female issues, imbalance of hormones and metabolism, autonomic nerves imbalance, heart palpitation, irregular heart rhythm, sexual dysfunction, relationship and communication difficulties, menopause syndromes, other undetectable diseases or health problems.

Request Workshop Schedule Information

In the following list, check the workshop titles you are interested in, and click the Request Information button to request further information including workshop date schedules, locations, offerings and fee. To know more about each workshop, please click each title to view a description.

You can attend a single or multiple Healing Workshops as an individual or request a group workshop for your organization, company, community, family or group (group discount rate applied). The Healing Workshops are conducted in either format, traditional conference at local meeting places near you, or national / global online conference.

Important Note:

All these workshops or part of them can not be paid from state or federal student financial aid programs, but may be tax deductible
as healthcare expenses.

Important Statement:

All Healing Workshops are complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) care practice, does not claim to diagnose or cure diseases although we usually use the terms such as Help Heal, Healing, Self-Healing, Self-Improvement, Person Growth, as the purpose of our workshop. The practice is completely natural, non-invasive, peaceful, no side effect and not harmful, and does not involve any needles, drugs, or invasive approaches. Our practice does not substitute or has conflict with your family doctors', psychologists', family and marriage therapists' or other conventional healthcare services. Additionally due to the nature of our healing practice we do not accept emergency case, late stage of cancer patients, or one who does not have a basic communication / understanding ability.

Complete List of Available Healing Workshops

The following lists the Energy Healing Workshops which are available at the Mind-Body Science Institute through local conference facilities and online conferences.

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Healing Workshop Title
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Healing Workshop Series

By Dr. Jason Liu, MD/PhD

Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner
& Drugless Practitioner
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Brainwave-Meridian Therapy Inventor
Five Elements Energy Healing Music
Composer & Therapist
Oriental Energy Healing Master
Research Scientist of Molecular Bioscience & Neuroscience
Author of Mind-Body Medicine & Healthology

Dr. Liu's Healing Workshops are conducted through local conference facilities and online conferences nationwide and worldwide in English, Mandarin or Japanese
upon audiences' request

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Age Reversal & Life Rejuvenation
Make Your Dream of Healthy Living 100+ Years Come True

Read Details

One Day 6 hours (12:30 ~ 6:30 pm)
Intensive Healing Workshop

Dr. Jason Liu, MD/PhD









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