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MBSI's Mind-Body Health Membership is absolutely free of charge and available to any individual who wishes to improve health of the mind, body and spirit, and to explore and learn mind-body medicine and health practice, or one who wants to receive discount and more benefits when using MBSI's services, enrolling our training programs, or participating in our events for any of the following benefits and purposes:



To establish professional or non-professional credential value in the fields of mind-body medicine, mind-body science, holistic medicine, natural health, energy medicine, preventive medicine, mental health, psychology, human development, personal growth, family and social communication and improvement, etc.


To use MBSI Healthcare Providers services or enroll Training Programs to learn MBS, MBM, improve health or for preventive healthcare, education, training, classes, community activities or enjoyment of discounted services, products (e.g., Books, CDs), and supplements as a MBSI member. These services fall in any of the categories listed below.

To participate in or contribute efforts to MBSI's health projects and activities or work in any of the areas listed below. For more information regarding opportunities, please Contact Us

Membership Benefits:

Free Consultation from Healthcare Professionals

Free Energy Healing Music

Free Energy Healing Session

Free Discussion Board for MBSI Members

Meet The Author of Mind-Body Medicine Book

Discount on Mind-Body Medicine Books

Discount on Energy Healing Music

Discount on Healthcare Sessions

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Areas of Services and Projects

MBSI's Members Benefit From

Mind-Body medicine and science
Holistic medicine
Naturopathic medicine
Oriental medicine
Psychological therapy or other mental health therapies
Health consultation
Family and marriage therapy
Child development
Nutrition therapy and holistic nutrition health
Sound and music healing therapy
Preventive medicine
Longevity medicine
Herbal medicine
Physical therapy or physiotherapy
Biofeedback and neurofeedback
Music healing therapy and Arts therapy
17). Spiritual cultivation, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga
18). Conventional medicine

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Mind-Body Healthcare Providers and Professionals such as research scientists, speakers and authors at MBSI are outstanding practitioners and professionals of mind-body medicine and science, psychology, mental health, wellness and personal growth, alternative and complimentary medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual energy medicine, mind-body cultivation, and other integrative medicine modalities.