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Providers of MBSI's Healthcare, Wellness, and Research are outstanding practitioners and research professionals such as mind-body healthcare practitioners, wellness social workers, psychologist or psychology practitioner, holistic doctors, marriage and family therapists, or other mind-body science related professionals or services.

If you are a MBSI's Health-Wellness-Care or Research Service Provider, use your User ID (email address) and password to log in at the following Provider Login panel. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it in this form. If you forgot what is the email address registered as MBSI's provider, please use the Contact Us form to get help.

If you think you are quailed to be a service provider, you can use the New Provider Application panel below to apply for it. We will review your application and contact you.

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Research Scientists & Healthcare Network
The Mind-Body Scientists and Healthcare Professionals Network at MBSI is composed of outstanding researchers and practitioners of mind-body medicine and science, alternative and complimentary medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual medicine, energy medicine, mind-body cultivation science and practice, holistic psychology, and other integrative medicine modalities.