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Welcome to the Mind-Body Science Institute International (MBSI)!

Mind-Body Science Institute International, Inc. (MBSI) is an institution for mind-body health, wellness, human development and personal growth, preventive health, longevity living, family, social and organizational relationship and communication, and related training, certification, healthcare service, scientific research and publishing of Mind-Body Science and Mind-Body Medicine - an alternative, complementary, preventive and transformational health and human development system.

Mind-Body Science Institute International, Inc. is incorporated in the State of California, the United States of America, through the involvement of dedicated and sustained efforts, great passion and compassion of the outstanding, energetically well-cultivated and spiritually enlightened healthcare practitioners, wellness social workers, doctors and scientists nationwide and worldwide in the field of mind-body medicine and science.

Through local practices, facilities, and internet platform globally, MBSI conducts the following five major tasks:


All-In-One Energy Therapy (AET) & Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT) and Other Healthcare Services - Mind-body-spirit holistic healthcare services and personal growth counseling for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and people from all walks of life, in person and group, face-to-face and online, nationwide and worldwide.


Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Workshops for holistic healthcare and personal growth of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and people from all walks of life, face-to-face and online, nationwide and worldwide.



Certificate Training in Mind-Body Medicine for professionals, face-to-face and online, nationwide and worldwide.


Scientific research of mind-body science, mind-body medicine and holistic psychology.
5 Publishing of mind-body science / medicine related books and publications.

Our goal is to Save Lives, Change Lives and Better Lives through Whole Being (Mind, Body and Spirit) Healing & Self-Healing, Training & Learning, Education & Practice, Cultivation & Improvement, Counseling, Research, and Healthcare Services. Our aim is to professionally and scientifically develop, implement, improve, and popularize quality and innovative healing techniques, researches and services of Mind-Body Medicine and preventive health, healthcare practice, education, as well as individual and community health and growth.

If you are a professional or aspiring to be a professional in a related field, or possess an organization or business, having interest in MBSI's certificate training programs, you can enroll in our training program and receive our professional certificate that allows you to practice the technique or demonstrate your professional credibility and excellence in your practice.

If you are a mind-body healthcare practitioner, holistic healthcare practitioner, natural health practitioner, psychology or mental health practitioner, scientists, researcher, and/or you own a healthcare clinic, research facility, or organization, you and/or your institution may be qualified as a healthcare provider, trainer or scientific researcher to participate in the effort of MBSI.

If you are an individual, you can use our healthcare and health consultation services, attend our healing workshops, and enroll in our mind-body health and wellness programs. These services cover areas such as holistic medicine; naturopathic medicine; oriental medicine; mind-body medicine; nutrition medicine; holistic psychology; meditation; Qigong; Tai Chi; Yoga; music and sound therapy; mental health consultation; marriage and family therapy; child development consultation; child communication and development; drug and alcohol addiction therapy; senior, retirement life; longevity health; parenting and family health, education, and consultation, etc.


The mission of the Mind-Body Science Institute is to integrate western and eastern mind-body health science and techniques, and conduct training, research, healthcare and consultation services to help improve mind-body-spirit health and wellness of individuals, organizations, companies, and communities.


Today's earth family is facing serious problems in multiple vital systems, including: mental and physical health, social, family and community relationships, economic, environmental and energy resource systems. To overcome these difficulties, the core solution is to improve and strengthen mind-body-spirit health, wellness, vital energy, morality, wisdom, communication, understanding, relationship, harmonization, of and within individuals, people and societies.

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Mind-Body Healthcare Providers and Professionals such as research scientists, speakers and authors at MBSI are outstanding practitioners and professionals of mind-body medicine and science, psychology, mental health, wellness and personal growth, alternative and complimentary medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual energy medicine, mind-body cultivation, and other integrative medicine modalities.